Pathology Conferences

Pathology Research Lecture Series (PRLS)

Spring 2018

PRLS seminars are held Monday at 4:00 p.m. in Leichtag 107. Click here for a printable poster.

April 16
Brian Hinds, MD
UCSD – Department of Dermatology
"Cutaneous Adnexal Neoplasms: From the Mundane to the Extraordinary"

April 23
Pradipta Ghosh, MD
UCSD – Molecular Medicine
"Driverless-Cars and Eukaryotic Cells: Machines that can sense, decide, act and adapt using the Internet-like Layered Communication System"

April 30
Michael Kelner, MD, MS
UCSD – Department of Pathology
"Of Mice and Wo(men) and Mushrooms that Glow in the Dark: Developing a Novel Drug for Prostate and Ovarian Cancer"

May 7
Mana Parast, MD, PhD
UCSD – Department of Pathology
"Modeling Human Placental Development Using Pluripotent Stem Cells"

May 17 Xuaxi Xu, PhD
Sanford Burnham Presby – Department of Neurosciences
"Novel Genes and Pathways Contributing to the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases"

May 21
David Gonzalez, PhD
UCSD – Department of Pharmacy
"Frontiers in Multiplexing Proteomics to Study the Host-Microbe Interaction"

June 4
Kota Kaneko
UCSD – Department of Pathology

Jacey J Liu, PhD
UCSD – Department of Pathology
"Shp2 Deletion in Hepatocytes Suppresses Hepatocarcinogenesis Driven by Oncogenic β-Catenin, PIK3CA, and MET"

June 11
Mariah Leivo
UCSD – Department of Pathology
"Aberrant Expression of Uroplakin II and GATA-3 in Bladder Cancer Mimickers"

Patricia Aguilar, DVM, PhD
UCSD – Department of Pathology
"Heparan Sulfate Chain Length Modulates the Cellular Targeting Of Fibrillar Prions"

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