Neuropathology Educational Conference

UC San Diego Transfusion Medicine


The Neuropathology Educational Conference will take place on three Fridays each month. Each session will be scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in the Neuropathology Conference Room
(1-123) at Thornton Hospital.

First Friday: Lecture
Second Friday: OPEN (Dr. Hansen’s Neurosurgery/Neuropathology case conference at 07:30 a.m.)
Third Friday: Interesting Case Conference
Fourth Friday: Journal Club
Fifth Friday: OPEN


Interesting Case Conference: The first year fellow will be in charge of putting together around 4-8 cases to be presented from the clinical service –including surgical and autopsy neuropathology, eye pathology, and neuromuscular pathology. They should be cases with suitable special stains/IHC that were diagnostically challenging, rare lesions, or just classic cases with frozens and smears. The fellows will drive the conference and group discussions will take place. Once a month, immunostains for neurodegenerative cases from the UCSD Alzheimer’s Center (brought by Dr. Roy) will be reviewed at this conference (as and when they become available).

Lecture: Monthly lectures will be given by Neuropathology faculty. They will be on topics such as neoplastic, vascular, neurodegenerative, inflammatory, and infectious, and neuromuscular diseases; ophthalmologic pathology, immunohistochemical and molecular diagnostic techniques in Neuropathology, and more. They will be predominately powerpoint-based, didactic lectures. The faculty may also use this forum to present an unknown case conference with slides and/or get quick feedback from colleagues. It is desirable that the talks do not exceed 45 minutes, so some time is available afterwards for such feedback.

Journal Club: The first and second year fellows will alternate giving presentations at Journal Club. If residents are rotating on the service, they may give the presentation as well. Faculty members will rotate responsibility to oversee the fellow/resident in selection of the article/presentation. Journal club articles can be clinical or research based, on any topic of interest in Neuropathology.


2014 - 2015
8/1/2014 Dr. Subphojit Roy Mr. Know It All
8/8/2014 Dr. Denise Malicki Pediatric Neuropath
8/15/2014 Dr. Henry Powell EM/Peripheral Nerves
8/22/2014 Dr. Subphojit Roy Intro to Neurodegenerative Diseases
8/29/2014 Team Neuropath Interesting Case conference
9/5/2014   No conference this week (vacation)
9/12/2014   No conference this week (vacation)
9/19/2014 Dr. Subphojit Roy ADRC cases
9/26/2014 Dr. Paul Mischel GBM Molecular Markers
10/3/2014 Dr. Larry Hansen Mr Know It All
10/10/2014 Dr. Henry Powell EM/Peripheral Nerves, con't
10/17/2014 Dr. Jonathan Lin Pigmented eye lesions, including melanoma
10/24/2014 Dr. Niky Farid Neuroradiology Dingdongs
10/31/2014 Medical Student Presentation Topic TBD (Ophtho related)
11/7/2014 Dr. Jonathan Lin Pigmented eye lesions, including melanoma
11/14/2014 Dr. Diane Shelton Muscle Pathology
11/21/2014 Dr. Diane Shelton Muscle Pathology
11/28/2014   No conference
12/5/2014 Dr. Larry Hansen Mr Know It All
12/12/2014 Dr. Niky Farid Neuroradiology Dingdongs
12/19/2014 Peter Ernst Journal Club/Research Presentation
12/26/2014   No conference
1/9/2015 Dr. Scott VandenBerg Brain tumors: Clinical applications of molecular testing
1/16/2015 Dr. Karra Muller Muscle Biopsy Case Reviews Part 1
1/23/2015 Dr. Denise Malicki Pediatric cases
1/30/2015 Dr. Karra Muller Muscle Biopsy Case Reviews Part 2
2/6/2015 Drs. Sarah Murray / Marie Dell'Aquila Brain Tumor Molecular Testing-Decoding the new panels
2/13/2015 No conference this week (DEA on vacation)
2/20/2015 Dr. Niky Farid Neuroradiology Dingdongs--Pediatric cases
2/27/2015 Team Neuropath Interesting Case conference


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