Henry C. Powell, M.D., D.Sc.

Henry C. Powell, M.D., DSc

  • Professor

Research Interests

Diagnostic neuropathology examination of brain nerve and muscle from biopsies and autopsies. Diagnostic electron microscopy of biopsies in neuropathology and surgical pathology. Investigation of toxic and metabolic peripheral neuropathies and demyelinating diseases of the nervous system endoneurial fluid pressure measurement and pathology of the microcirculation.

Representative Publications

  1. Powell, H.C., Garrett, R.S., Muehlenbachs, A., Brett, F.M., "Crystalloid inclusions in brain macropages and hemopoietic tissue in GFAP-IL3 mice resemble inclusions identified in multiple sclerosis." Ultrastructual Pathology 23:285-297, 1999
  2. Powell, H.C., Garrett, R.S., Brett, F.M., Chiang, C., Chen, E., Masliah, E., Campbell, I., "Response of glia, mast cells and the blood brain barrier, in transgenic mice expressing interleukin-3 in astrocytes, an experimental model for CNS demyelination." Brain Pathology 9:1-17, 1999
  3. Mizisin AP, Shelton GD, Burgers ML, Powell HC, Cuddon PA. Neurological complications associated with spontaneously occurring feline diabetes mellitus. J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. 2002 Oct;61(10):872-84.
  4. Shelton GD, Podell M, Poncelet L, Schatzberg S, Patterson E, Powell HC, Mizisin AP. Inherited polyneuropathy in Leonberger dogs: a mixed or intermediate form of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease? Muscle Nerve. 2003 Apr;27(4):471-7.
  5. Svensson CI, Hua XY, Protter AA, Powell HC, Yaksh TL. Spinal p38 MAP kinase is necessary for NMDA-induced spinal PGE (2) release and thermal hyperalgesia. Neuroreport. 2003 Jun 11;14(8):1153-7.
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Dr. Powell received his doctorate of medicine from the University College (Dublin, Ireland) in 1970. He completed a rotating internship at the Philadelphia General Hospital, affiliated with Jefferson Medical School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) during 1970-71. He completed a residency in Combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at UCSD (1971-75) and a Chief Residency in Neuropathology at the Massachusetts General Hospital (1975-76). Dr. Powell was appointed Assistant Professor of Pathology, at UCSD in 1976. He received a promotion to Associate Professor, in July 1981. He was promoted to Professor of Pathology, in 1986. Professor Powell has clearly excelled in all academic missions. He is a distinguished world authority in experimental neuropathology with emphasis upon the peripheral neuropathies. He has trained numerous residents and fellows who have gone on to become directors of neuropathology at other distinguished academic institutions. Dr. Powell has over 200 published articles. He has held many positions of service at UCSD, including Interim Chair of the Department of Pathology, Director of the Pathology Residency Program, Head of the Division of Neuropathology, Neuropathologist to the Veterans Affairs of San Diego Healthcare System, membership in the Department of Pathology Management Committee and the Pathology Housestaff Committee, and Director of the Neuropathology Residency Program.

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