Grace Lin, M.D., Ph.D.

Grace Lin, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor
  • Residency Program Director
  • Ph.D. - Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
  • M.D. - Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
  • Residency Training: University of California, San Diego
  • Board Certifications: Anatomic Pathology
  • Clinical Speciality: Diagnostic Surgical Pathology

Research Interests

Infectious diseases, virology, lung pathology.

Representative Publications

  1. Lin, G.Y. , R.G. Paterson, C.D. Richardson, and R.A. Lamb. The V protein of the paramyxovirus SV5 interacts with damage-specific DNA binding protein.Virology. 1998; 249: 189-200.
  2. Lin, G. Y. , R. A. Lamb. The V protein of the paramyxovirus simian parainfluenza virus 5 (SV5) slows progression of the cell cycle. Journal of Virology. 2000; 74: 9152-9166.
  3. He, B., G.Y. Lin, J.E. Durbin, R.K. Durbin, and R.A. Lamb. The SH integral membrane protein of the paramyxovirus SV5 is required to block apoptosis in MDBK cells. Journal of Virology. 2001; 75: 4068-4079.
  4. Lin, G. Y. , X. Sun, S. Badve. Pathological quiz case: Vaginal wall mass in a 47-year-old woman. Archive of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. 2002; 126: 1241-1242.
  5. Ghosh, P., A.C. Santosa, G.Y. Lin, and T.M. Downs. De Novo Calcification of Liver and Nodal Metastases in Prostate Carcinoma. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases. 2006 (e-pub ahead of print).
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Dr. Lin received her B.S. from UCSD, and then entered the Medical Scientist Training Program at Northwestern University. In 2000, she completed her Ph.D. in the laboratory of Dr. Robert A. Lamb studying the V protein of the paramyxovirus simian virus 5. She completed her M.D. in 2002. She then completed her pathology residency (AP and CP) at UCSD Medical Center where she was chief resident in 2004-2005, and then also completed fellowships in surgical pathology in 2005-2006 and placental pathology in 2006-2007.

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