Corinne Jolivalt, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor
  • M.S.- University of Paris V, France 1994
  • Ph.D.- University of Nancy I, France 1998

Research Interests

Our laboratory focuses on diabetic neuropathy and we are particularly interested in studying the role of insulin and its impairments in the development of central neuropathy and Alzheimer’s disease-like deficits in the brain. We have recently shown that insulin-deficient diabetes in mice is sufficient to cause Alzheimer’s disease-like defects in the brain and that the development of Alzheimer’s disease-like features are exaggerated when diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease are combined. Our NIH-funded study of the co-morbidity of Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes aims also at testing novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of dementia. Another interest of our group is the role of insulin in pain and painful peripheral neuropathy in diabetes.
Our studies are mainly in vivo and ex-vivo experiments with rodent models of diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Animal functions and pathology are assessed by a number of physiological and behavioral tests, along with Western blot, immunohistology and biochemical and molecular biology assays.

Representative Publications

  1. Jolivalt CG, Lee CA, Beiswenger KK, Smith JL, Orlov M, Torrance MA, Masliah E. (2008) Defective insulin signaling pathway and increased GSK-3 activity in the brain of diabetic mice: parallels with Alzheimer’s disease and correction by insulin. J. Neurosci. Res., 86, 3265-3274
  2. Jolivalt CG, Hurford R, Lee C, Dumaop W, Rockenstein E, Masliah E. (2010) Type-1 diabetes exaggerates features of Alzheimer’s disease in APP transgenic mice. Exp. Neurol., 223, 422-431
  3. Mixcoatl-Zecuatl T, Jolivalt CG (2011) A spinal mechanism of action for duloxetine in a rat model of painful diabetic neuropathy. Br J Pharmacol.,164, 159-169
  4. Jolivalt CG, Calcutt NA, Masliah EM (2012) Similar pattern of peripheral neuropathy in mouse models of type 1 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Neuroscience. 202, 405-412
  5. King MR, Anderson NJ, Guernsey LS, Jolivalt CG. (2013) GSK3 inhibition prevents learning deficits in diabetic mice. J. Neurosc. Res., 91, 506-514
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Corinne Jolivalt received her Master degree in Toxicology from the University of Paris V, France in 1994 and her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Pharmacological Sciences from the University of Nancy I, France in 1998. She then joined a biotech company in San Diego before to head the department of pharmacology in a German biotech company. Dr. Jolivalt then returned to San Diego and to academic life. Dr. Jolivalt was appointed Associate Adjunct Professor of Pathology in January 2013.

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