Robert L. Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

Robert Fitzgerald, PhD

  • Professor
  • Director of Toxicology and Associate Director of Clinical Chemistry
  • Ph.D. - Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1989
  • Board Certifications: Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Toxicology

Research Interests

Dr. Fitzgerald’s research interests focus on the use of mass spectrometry in clinical diagnostics. He has been active in developing MS based methods for analysis of testosterone and other biologically important compounds. A second major research area focuses on optimizing how cardiac biomarkers are used clinically, especially in terms of disease diagnosis and monitoring therapeutic interventions.

Representative Publications

  1. Fitzgerald RL, Ramos JM, Bogema SC, Poklis A. Resolution of Methamphetamine Stereoisomers in Urine Drug Testing: Urinary Excretion of R(-)-Methamphetamine Following use of Nasal Inhalers. J Anal Toxicol 1988;12: 255-259.
  2. Fitzgerald RL, Blanke RV, Poklis A. Stereoselective Pharmacokinetics of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine in the Rat. Chirality, 1990;2:241-248.
  3. Fitzgerald RL, Herold DA. Serum Total Testosterone. Immunoassay Compared with Negative Chemical Ionization Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Clin Chem, 1996;42:749-755.
  4. Fitzgerald RL, Rivera JD, Herold DA. Broad spectrum drug identification directly from urine using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. Clin Chem 1999;45:1224-1234.
  5. Fitzgerald RL, Hillegonds DJ, Burton DW, Griffin TL, Mullaney S, Vogel JS, Deftos LJ, Herold DA. 41Ca and accelerator mass spectrometry to monitor calcium metabolism in end stage renal disease patients. Clin Chem, 2005;51:2095-2102.
  6. Boisot S, Beede J, Isakson S, Chiu A, Clopton P, Januzzi J, Maisel AS,Fitzgerald RL. Serial sampling of ST2 predicts 90 day mortality following destabilized heart failure. J Card Fail 2008;14:732-8.
  7. Fitzgerald RL, Griffin TL, Herold DA. Analysis of Testosterone in Serum Using Mass Spectrometry. Methods Mol Biol 2010;603:489-500.
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Dr. Fitzgerald received his B.S. degree in Chemistry at Loyola College of Maryland and his Doctorate in Pharmacology/Toxicology at the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University. After two and a half years as a forensic toxicologist for the State of Virginia, he took a position as the Director of the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory at the San Diego VA Hospital where he worked from 1992 until 2011.

Currently Rob is a Professor in the Department of Pathology at the University of California, San Diego where he is the Director of the Toxicology Laboratory and Associate Director of the Clinical Chemistry Lab. He is board certified in toxicology and clinical chemistry by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry. Rob's teaching responsibilities include acting as the course chairmen for "Laboratory Medicine", a required course for 2nd year pharmacy students, and serving as the director of the pathology residency clinical chemistry program.

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